Monday, January 28, 2013

RSD(reflex sympathetic dystrophy)

Soo..RSD. Here we go.
RSD is short for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. It's a rare disorder of the nervous system that causes chronic, severe pain. To get this disorder an injury will have had to occur. Mine started with a sprained ankle. It affects your tendons, ligaments, muscles, organs(especially the skin), and bones. To learn more about RSD go to these websites: RSD website 1    RSD website 2    RSD website 3

How I got RSD

I have loose ligaments so it causes my ankle to turn easily. Because of that, I've injured my right ankle many times. I think the injury that made the RSD pop is when I was in middle school gym. I had already had a sprained ankle so my doctor wrote a note saying "no gym". So that means no gym, right? Well not to my gym teacher. She made me walk around on my crutches while everyone was running for warm ups. So therefore she made me do gym. My mom called the principle of the school to get things settled with the no gym thing. Even after that the gym teacher still made me do gym. Now you may be thinking why wouldn't I just not do it...but I was just following instructions. Well any way she made me do kickboxing and that's what messed up my ankle. She didn't even let me go to the nurse. So when I got home my mom saw and immediately took me to the doctor. My ankle and foot were both broken. That's what stuck the RSD on me.

How it feels.

Some say that RSD is the worst kind of pain condition. On the pain scale of one to ten it's a least.
It hurts so bad it just feels like a burning building is falling on you over and over and over again. Yeah I said it three times just to prove my point. But anyway RSD makes your skin feel like it's burning even when air or sheets or anything just barely touches it. It also makes your affected area of your body feel like it's being stabbed, crushed, squeezed and pulled. RSD is just absolutely terrible. 

If anyone wants to talk about this or learn more just comment and I'll get back to you.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


So as you have read earlier I had a rough beginning of life.

Overall I had a great childhood, it's just that there were some times where it seemed like everyone had it out for me.

I'll start by telling you about my family.

My parents both came from previous marriages. My mom was married to a man, but calling him a 'man' isn't really fitting. My dad was married to a women and as for her, she wasn't all there. While my mom was married she had a daughter, who is my older sister. Meanwhile my dad had two sons, both older than me. Well then my parents had each divorced their spouses.

Now this is the story about how my parents met.

My mom was a daycare teacher and my dad was, and still is, an architect. My dad's one son went to the daycare that my mom worked at. Now my mom's daughter also attended that daycare. They ended up forming a bond, therefore my parents met. Interesting, huh?

What happened to the ex's?

My dad's ex wife is crazy. But she gave my dad custody of both brothers. But eventually my one brother was out of our life.  As for my mom's ex he ended up far away.

What else?

During my childhood we struggled with money. Moved a lot. But my parents made everything okay. Seemingly, recently I got this disease called RSD. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. That disease will be a big part of my stories. But that was just long story short. I don't wanna put too much in and invade peoples' privacy.


Friday, January 25, 2013

I don't even know where to start.

Hey. I'm not really sure how to approach writing a blog, but here I go.

So obviously my story begins when I was born. Kinda boring, right? Yet it was a miracle. I was three months early so I was a little preme babeh. My mom was sick, and so was I.

My mom had severe pneumonia and pleursia. She was in and out for a while. She didn't even get to see me until she got a little better which ended up taking about three days.

As for me I was born with not fully developed lungs. I also had a huge blood clot in my brain. So I ended up staying in the hospital for the first three weeks of my life. I was hooked up to heart and breathing moniters.

When my mom and I were both out of the hospital and we were home everyone in my family realized how much of a miracle we both were. However I'm sure my family was scared..for both of us. My moniters kept showing that I wasn't breathing and my heart wasn't beating. At one point I even turned blue so back to the hospital we went.

Yeah, all that was rough but that's just the beginning.